Woody Original is an unique folding furniture made from rough sawn oakwood and finely finished. Designed and developed for the rental and events industries. Our starting point is a handcrafted, natural, high-quality and versatile furniture Oak line. The Woody-Line is easy to mix and match with lots of different styles and trends. It has a natural, robust and timeless appearance that combines easily with other types of furniture. It will fit in every setting.  Woody Original will prove to be a keeper in your range. 

Woody Original furniture is fully foldable in one single motion. The exceptional feature of Woody Original furniture is its ingenious folding system.This innovation ensures that separate parts will belong to the past. It provides space saving in storage and transport and saves time at event installation and dismantling. Thanks to its unique construction, this 100% Dutch design product can be used anywhere, anytime.

The Woody Original oak line will always keep it’s pure character. We custom make low and high  tables in the following design: Side, Bistro, Café, Dinner, Buffet and Bar tables which are all also available in Extra Large size. In addition we make corresponding stools and benches with the same foldable construction without any loose parts. 

Also take a look at our smart conversion kit to transform your Woody dinner table in an instant to a beautiful Buffet table. And then you can transform the Buffet table into a Presentation stand with a canvas roof to make to look complete.  These few minor adjustments will give a great effect! 

It shows how multifunctional Woody Original folding furniture is on location or events.

Check out Woody Accessoires page for the matching trolley.
A simple and fast way to load and unload the Woody Original furniture from both sides. Easy to handle. The trolley is galvanized and therefore maintenance free. Filled with furniture stackable up to 2 and empty they can be stacked up to 6 high. There will be no need to reserve big spaces for storage of empty packaging on location. All Woody Original tables and benches fit on this transportsystem

 folding furniture

Est. 2013